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Blooms Flowers and Petals

The tradition of flowers at weddings are nearly as old as weddings themselves. They elevate the room, identify the bridal party and by throwing the bouquet they also select the next bride (sometimes). These days fake flowers are becoming more and more popular as a new tradition has begun. We often here of the bridal party coming together for a BBQ and to piece together all the flowers. This is saving couples money in some aspects and at the end of the wedding the flowers will keep forever or they can be sold to another bridal couple. But there is something special about a beautiful thing that is fleeting.

It's not until we host a wedding like this that the true beauty of flowers stands out once again.

During the wedding you simply can't beat it. Fake flowers look just as good in photos but you will miss the smell and the little ones plucking at the petals of a fallen flower. I suggest a compromise. Fake Flower bouquets are perfect. You can bounce them around during your photos and no ones the wiser. But some real flowers in your centerpiece will help finish the room. In the end it depends on your budget, the time of year your getting married and the availability of your desired flowers. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters.

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